Welcome to Skyway Publications

We are an independent international publisher based in Europe and spanning from the North-West to the South East, from London, UK to Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our preferred genres include broad-ranging fiction and non-fiction. Our current and imminent publications include poetry, fiction, science-fiction, history, family history, culture/the arts, travelogues (exploring the richness of cultures and cultural heritage), documentary readings (such as memoires, autobiographies), “Geographies of soul”, historical sources, archive documents, art and cultural history. In addition we plan to publish supporting university text books and readings, dictionaries, research papers and academic books in all available formats – on paper, eBooks and audiobooks.

We print books in various languages:- English (soon to be released is “My Skyway”, a poetry book by Professor Cyrus Malekout which includes sixty-two poems​ ​along with illustrations and photographs). Cyrus Malekout. My Skyway