About us

We at Skyway Publications try to encourage authors regardless of whether they are just starting their first journey on the path along the “Art of words” or they have previous experience and success. The authors’ talents and creative qualities are the main criteria we seek and encourage as part of our mission.

Projects for the near future include Italian, Turkish, Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, and Greek because our confidence stems from the skills and knowledge of our highly qualified team. These are mainly from academic backgrounds in philology and languages, literature, media, journalism, theory of literature and criticism, visual arts and creative writing. Our other publications include bi-lingual or multi-lingual books, for instance, a Haiku poetry book by well-known Turkish poet Kadir Aydemir “The Guardian of Silence” (presented in four languages). We try to represent literature without geographical boundaries and endeavour to give voice to a climate of expressions which feeds and nurtures a richness and polyphony of contemporary literature.

We aim to work in close cooperation with our authors prior to, during and after publication of their works, regardless of their cultural, ethnic, religious or other backgrounds. We are also committed to give every quality written work the best opportunity to reach its audiences and to gain their hearts and souls. We would like to help create and to follow their bright trails written into the infinity of their “skyways”.