Prof. Dr. Evdokia Borisova

Evdokia Boyanova Borissova is professor of Theory and History of Literature at the University of Shumen "Episkop Konstantin Preslavski", Bulgaria. Her research and teaching work are in the fields of the history of Bulgarian literature and culture, Ceative writing, the Theory of literature, Genealogy, Media science, Journalism, Balkan literature and cultures. Since 2004 she has been a regular lecturer at the University of Shumen. At the same time she worked freelance at the Bulgarian National Radio – Shumen, as an editor of the news block. Before that, she taught Bulgarian language and literature at high school level. She was a part-time associate at the “Neofit Rilski” Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad and guest lecturer at Nishantashi University in Istanbul and at Ankara State University (both in the Republic of Turkey), where she lectured history of Bulgarian literature, aspects of Bulgarian-Turkish cultural relations and printed media.


Evdokia Borisova is the author of several monographs: On the Three Genre Models in the Bulgarian Drama at the Beginning of 20th Century (2001), Media Genres (2008), Paralleliterature: Textology, Sociology, Mediators (August, 2009), On the Edge of the East and the West. Orhan Pamuk novels (2011), The Melodrama and the TV Series (2014), Our Literatures: The romance of the East with the West in the Balkan Literatures (2017), as well as a documentary and publicist book Travelogues (2017). She is the author of more than a 100 articles, studies and references in the field of literary studies and media science. She also writes everyday literary criticism. Evdokia Borisova is a Winner of the Liberal Review’s Prize for Critics in 2015.


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