Katitsa Kyulavkova

Katitsa KyulavkovaThe author of “Balkan Narratives”, Academician Katitsa Kyulavkova, is a poet, writer, essayist, theorist, translator, compiler of anthologies. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy and History at Skopje University with a master's degree in "Metaphor and Contemporary Macedonian Poetry". She holds a PhD from the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Zagreb on the subject of "Lyrical Differences". She worked as a lecturer in Literary Theory, Literary Hermeneutics and Creative Writing at the Blaje Koneski Philological Faculty in Skopje (Department of General and Comparative Literature). Since 2003, Kyulavkova has been a full member of MANU - Macedonian Academy oof Sciences and Arts, a member of the European Academy (Salzburg, 2014) and Vice President of International PEN (since 2008). Her research and literary works are numerous. She is also a founder of the online magazine Variety.(„Raznolikost”).

Her poems have been translated into many languages (English, French, Italian, Russian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrian, Romanian, Bulgarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Albanian, Slovenian) and some poems in dozens of others. She is the author of poetry collections “Blagovesti” (1975), “Act” (1978), “Nashiot Soglasnik” (1981), “Nova pot” (1984), Jelbi, Prestapni Pesni (1989), Domino (1993), historical drama, “Izgon na zloto”(poetical dram, 1997), “Mejdusvet” (2000), “Slep Agol” (2004), “Tenok mraz” (2008), “Golo oko” (haiku), 2010, “Erato” (2009), “Koga ni goreshe pod nozete” (2013), “Haiku elegii” (2013), “Moi strasti, moi stradaniya” (2019).

She has published two short story collections: “Drugo vreme” (Another Time”, 1989) and Sonot e jivot (Life is a Night dream, 2014), as well as a dozen theoretical essay books: “Figurative Speech and Macedonian Poetry” (1984), Stap and Discount (1987), Odlikki lyric (1989). ), “A yearning for systems” (1992), “A march and exodus” (1996), “A stone tempter” (1997), “Tetratki “(Notebooks, 1997), “Literary theory - an introduction” (1999; English, 2004), “Small literary theory” (2001), “ Poetics of the Lyrics” (Belgrade, 2001), “Hermeneutics of the Identity” (2006), “Literary Theory” (2008), “Demons of Interpretation” (2009), “Macedonian Temptations and Other Surveys” (2012), “Open Poetics” (2016), “Macedonian stormy times” (interviews, 2017), “Balkan narratives” (2018) “The order of freedom”, “Interpretive syncretism” (Skopje, 2019).

She has prepared several anthological selections (Macedonian short stories, poetry and essays, two World’s Short Story Anthologies), several textbooks and several collections: “Intertextuality Theory” (2003), “Poetics and Hermeneutics” (2003),” Dialogues of Interpretations” (2005), “Balkan World” (2006), as well as “The name Dictionary of Literary Theory” (2007).

Katica Kyulavkova is also the editor of several volumes of the Interpretations project (2008, 2009, 2010).

Excerpt from the Speech on the Promotion of the "Balkan Narratives" Research Book