Menent Shukrieva

Menten Osmanova Shukrieva is a lecturer at the Department of Turkish Language and Literature at the University of Shumen, "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski" in Bulgaria. Her research and teaching work is in the areas of contemporary Turkish language, terminology and translatology. Since 1999 she has been a regular lecturer at the University of Shumen and has undertaken this under the auspices of a project of the European Commission, New Bulgarian University - Sofia, as well as of the Ministry of Education and Science in Bursa, Turkey. For almost 10 years she was an official translator of Trakia Glass Bulgaragia, LTD, a subsidiary of Shizhe-Dzam Holding, Turkey. Before that, she worked as a teacher in Turkish language at NUVVAB High school, Shumen and also taught Turkish Language at Varna Free University.

She was a guest lecturer at the Thracian University, Edirne, and Namik Kemal University, Tekirdag, Republic of Turkey and Author of more than 20 articles and co-author of several textbooks in Turkish language:-

  • Basic Turkish – Exercises I (Temel Türkçe – Alıştırmalar. V-VIII sınıf. Учебно помагало. Изд. Фабер, Велико Търново, 2017).
  • Basic Turkish – Exercises II. (Temel Türkçe – Alıştırmalar II. Bölüm. Учебно помагало. Шумен, 2007).
  • Basic Turkish – Exercises III. (Temel Türkçe – Alıştırmalar II. Bölüm. Учебно помагало. София, 2000).
  • Business Russian and Turkish. (Руски език и турски език в деловата сфера. Шумен: УИ „Епископ Константин Преславски”, 2006).

Co-author and editor-in-chief of a specialized dictionary: Business Russian-Bulgarian-Turkish and Bulgarian-Russian-Turkish Dictionary 2004. (Руско-българско-турски и българско-руско-турски речник за бизнесмени. Шумен: УИ„Епископ Константин Преславски”, 2004, 520 с.).

Menten Osmanova Shukrieva has translated several books:-

  • The Concubine by Gul Irepoglu („Наложницата” с автор Гюл Ерепоглу, 2009).
  • The Ataturk and Fikrie („Ататюрк и Фикрие”, автор Хъфзъ Топуз, 2010).
  • "Before Creation", Hristo Slavov (under print). „Преди сътворението” – автор Христо Славов (под печат).
  • The Chronicle of Sin, by Sanya Velichkova, under print. („Хроника на греха” – автор Саня Величкова, под печат).
  • Izzet by Valeri Petrov („Иззет” – автор Валери Петров).
  • Piano by Lea Koen, 2012 („Пианото на блок 31” – автор Леа Коен, 2012).