Our Misson

Skyway Publications greatly values the idea of humanity in this highly technological era which at times seems to have been accompanied by a kind of global loneliness, gradually eroding some aspects of our human societies. Although there is now more frequent technologically-enhanced communication between people, it has been accompanied and degraded to some extent by a paucity of meaningful content and human relevance. No, we do not see it is as nostalgia for 19th century epistolary but a sincere hope to re-cultivate and enrich our lives with humanity through the medium of literature – a direct skyway to people’s hearts and minds.

We are able to select a diverse range of books representing different cultures and traditions, thereby reflecting the individuality and originality of their authors. We thank those who enable us to do this including our network of reviewers, literary and language experts with academic backgrounds, critics, journalists, writers, poets, cultural/art historians, translators, readers and followers.