Prof. Dr. Plamen Shulikov

Plamen Shulikov was awarded his PhD at the Moscow State University, Russia, in 1989. From 2011 he has been an Associate Professor at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication at Shumen University "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski" and since 2017 he has been a Professor of Journalism at the same university. He published about 100 studies, articles and reviews in Bulgaria and abroad. Pl. Shulikov is a lecturer in Creative Writing, Aesthetics of Visual Arts, Rhetoric, Photography and Advertising. He is Head of Masters and Doctoral Programs at Shumen University. He was guest lecturer at Nishantaski University in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2015. He is also a literary critic and a popular name in the Bulgarian literary periodicals (Literary Journal, Literary Thought, Literary History, Language and Literature, Sociobrains and others).

Plamen Shulikov is the author of several monographs: Paralleliterature. Textology, Sociology, Mediators (Monograph in collaboration with E. Borisova, Y. Milchakov, 2009), Poetics and Psychography (Studies on the work of Bulgarian writers and poets, 2010), Art and Advertising. Industrial canon and cultural branding. Formation of native nobrow in the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century (2011), Ivan Peychev. (2016), "Amazing Photography" and it’s Amazing 20th Century, Theoretical Reflections on Photography (The History of World Photography, 2016), Detective Mark: Recognition, Knowledge, Media (2016).

Plamen Shulikov is also a poet, his titles are in printed literary and electronic media, and he is an author of an independent poetry book Quintaptih (Five Poems, 2013). Shulikov is a professional photographer, teacher, artist, author of 6 solo and 2 co-authored photo art exhibitions.


Solo Art Exhibition 70 photographs on: "There, near the end Agia Sofia ...“at Shumen University, 3rd Floor Lounge, 14 December 2012.
Solo Art Exhibition in 40 photographic works: "Istanbul-Constantinople-Byzantine" - In: Scientific Seminar of the Institute of Balkan Studies and Centre for Thracology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on "Constantinople 1453: The Change of the Worlds?", 7-8 May 2013, 45, Moskovska Str., Sofia.
Solo Photo Exhibition of 50 works "The Beautiful Blue ... London" - In: Shumen University, Rectorate, May 14, 2014.
Solo Photo Exhibition of 126 Images on “From West to East. The Discreet Charm of the Balkans": , 27.10.2015
Solo Photo Exhibition: "Turkey. People and Streets "(Bursa-Yalova-Istanbul-Edirne), - In Kazanlak Chudomir House Museum within the framework of the National Conference on “Chudomir in Bulgarian Culture in the Interwar Period ", Chudomir Feasts, Kazanlak, 26.03 - 01.04.2016.
Solo Photo Exhibition on “Urban Man (Views from Streets and Cities in the Balkans - Turkey, Serbia, Greece, Croatia”, under the “City of Media and Memory” Project, RD-10-585/ 27.02.2017 (Accession no RD-08-117 / 06.02.2017), Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Shumen University "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski. Project Manager: Prof. Ph.D. Elka Dobreva, December 4: Exhibition in the Lobby Hall at New Bulgarian University, Sofia, curator: Y. Eftimov; April 2018: The exhibition is attended by IKTC-BAS, Sofia, Moskovska Str., curator Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yordanka Bibina.
A co-exhibited works with students in Journalism, Photography and Advertising: "Wondrous faces of the Rhodopes ... and other stories" (Krastova gora-Wonderful bridges), 7.12.2016 at the Lobby Hall of Shumen University. Can be seen at:
Joint Photographic Project - Photo-plainer Graphic Programming with Master's Degree Program “Photography and Advertising on: "Mountain Waters and National Revival Nostalgia" (Elena-Arbanassi-Medven-Blue Falls Waterfall), 3-5 June, 2017. Electronic Exhibition, Presentation:




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  • "Poetics and Psychography" (Studies on the work of Bulgarian writers and poets, 2010)
  • "Art and Advertising. Industrial canon and cultural branding. Formation of native nobrow in the 20s and 30s of the twentieth century "(2011)
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