Newly published book of Evdokia Borisova "Travel Etudes"

On November 20, at the Trakart Gallery in Plovdiv, the newly published book of Evdokia Borisova "Travel Etudes" was presented in cooperation with the Bulgarian-Turkish Literary Club. Many guests from Plovdiv, professors from the University of Plovdiv and the General Consul of the Republic of Turkey were present.

“Travel Etudes” is the second travel book by Evdokia Borisova after first travelogue named „Road Scratchers“was published in 2018. Here the ambition of the author to describe her travels intertwines with her desire to tell true stories, both funny and sad, through the prism of her thirsty gaze to encompass the irreverent. Reading these travelogues, called "Travel Etudes," is a real adventure, because it makes us forget the vanity of everyday life and just for a moment to get rid of our stiff routine and the monotony of the flow of days. The short forms reveal at the same time the pictures of the places visited, but also the symptomatic images of the witty and well meaning, at the same time critical and sceptical traveller-storyteller and his companions-heroes. Most travel stories include charming companions; she describes real characters who have accompanied the author with love. Her other characters are historical figures and events, mythological or legendary biblical and evangelical characters. Thus, her travelogues acquire a complex mosaic of critical essays, in-depth literary analyses, aesthetic and critical sketches.

Evdokia Borisova narrates fascinatingly about what she has seen and experienced, and at the same time she presents unobtrusively a sensitive, ironic and at the same time loving people and their worldview. Her penetration into the immediate vision allows the author to go deep beyond the surface of the visible and the observable, and to make her surprising discoveries - from the characteristic patterns in the behaviour of accidental passer-bys to signs or even omens, of folk destinies.

At the same time, in these seemingly carefree tales with a romantic flavor or humorous episodes of travel, the spirit of comedy del arte, the carnival sense of life on the go, on the road, echoes. All this creates the distinctive taste of the joy of movement, movement, discovery in all aspects of the senses and the meaningfulness of the experience and the experience. A unique aroma of life, echoing in the familiar and the unknown, the expected and the unexpected, encountered along the Road.

The book can be purchased at the bookstore of “Balgarski Knijitsi”, from their website (Попътни етюди), as well as from the publishing house itself. Email us:


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